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Hitman Gets Schooled


Well, Hitman is going back to school.

Sort of.

The problem came up on the very first night of the last UK/France tour. The monitors were great, but not really positioned where I could hear it that well. So, I sang hard – real hard. And realized halfway through that my voice was starting to go!

Using some earplugs, I made it through the rest of the night, but the next day my voice was shot. And there were two more gigs to go before a one day rest. Short story – using LOTS of support with diaphragmatic breathing, everything worked out. But it was clear that a different approach was needed. But where to go? The “superstar” teachers want insane money – $200+ an hour. Local teachers are good, but even they charge $90+, and I didn’t want people who were going to go over what I already knew.

So, after lots of online searching, I decided to go with Ken Tamplin. You can Google him. The course was about $200, and right off it involved getting my tongue to stay flat. Seriously, try it. Open your mouth really wide, sing up a couple of notes on the “ah” sound, and try and keep your tongue flat. Mine flopped around like a fish on a line. And it seems that’s bad, because it closes off the back of your throat, and then you have to “power” through it, and you’re fighting with yourself trying to get the sound out.

So, I decided to get a private lesson with Ken, who lives in Hawaii, via Skype.

Which costs $190 for a half hour.

Damn. You just can’t win.

Anyway, I had the lesson. Lots of habits acquired over a lifetime of singing that I have to overcome. This is NOT going to be easy…

Having said that, I’m glad I got the lesson. Sometimes you really need someone to look at what you’re doing and correct you, plus – by their nature – pre-done courses are kind of “one size fits all”. But no matter how well done, adjustments have to be made for individuals.

So, wish me luck, please. I gotta go practice!


– Hitman


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