Whiskey Bottom Road

One of my favorites. This is about a street down in Maryland, but it could be anywhere. I've been doing this song for at least 10 years, but for this recording I just couldn't nail the damn ending. My voice kept doing weird things. Jeff Philips (the engineer) finally tricked me into it by telling me to practice at the start of the final vocal session, and getting it on tape without telling me. Thanks, Jeff.

I'm not a stranger
Though you may not know my name
You've seen me a thousand times
And the story's still the same
You shake your head
Say that's just the way it goes
Just another three time loser
Out on Whiskey Bottom Road

Ain't it funny
'Cause I was once like you
Money in my pockets
And a lover, it's all true
You don't believe me...
Take a good look at my soul
You'll find it torn and dying
Out on Whiskey Bottom Road

I don't want your money
It can't help a dying man
I took the wrong road
And you don't get no second chance
But maybe I'll see you down there
'Cause man, you just never know
Where the dead men keep on walkin'
Out on Whiskey Bottom Road
When you've lost yourself forever
Out on Whiskey Bottom Road

©1999 by Russell Alexander, all rights reserved.

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