The Yaz Brothers

Born fraternal triplets in 1973, the Yaz Brothers
were separated in a tragic hospital mixup.
Fred Yaz (40), ended up living with a rich family
in Snubon, MA.   Rich Yaz (38) was adopted by
a dirt poor family from Yowsa, TX.
Jeff Yaz (37) was taken in by a family of otters.
Finally, in 1995, the brothers were re-united and
began an unparalled recording career, rocketing them to
international stardom. Here are some of their best known
works, with more to come.

Yuppie Pie - Jeff Yaz
Chattanooga Revisited - The Yaz Brothers
The Reggae Polka - The Yaz Brothers
The Huffing Pam Rap - The Yaz Brothers

Jeff Says:

Your love gives us such a thrill
But your love don't pay our bills

Please contribute to keep the Yaz Brothers in
champagne (for Fred), Budweiser (for Rich)
and Night Train (for Jeff)

Note: payments are made to Russell Alexander,
that's our web guru. We're holding his dog hostage,
so you can be sure we'll get the money.

You don't have to contribute anything -
but Jeff gets really nasty without his vino.
Your contribution helps prevent overcrowding in
our penal institutions.

Paypal takes about $.32 out of the first dollar,
so if you're kind enough to contribute, please
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